European Society for the History of Economic Thought

2020 winners of the Young Scholar Seminar

papers submitted to the 24th Conference, 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria, postponed to 2021 for COVID-19

Stefano Di Bucchianico
A neglected route to Krugman’s modern liquidity trap revival

Leon Guilot
Wicksell’s cumulative processes and ‘the positive solution’: an automatic stabilisation process?

Tengda Hua
Underdevelopment of Commerce in the History of Ancient Chinese Economic Thoughts - An examination of the status of merchants in Ming China (1368-1644)

Christina Laskaridis
Calculating repayment burdens and the early days of research at the World Bank

Georgios Stefanis
The notion of macrofoundations in the American Institutionalist School of Economic Thought

Guilherme Spinato Morlin
The rise and fall of the creeping inflation: economic ideas and policy in the US during the Golden Age